This Boss 9 is owned by Mike Wagner
Wings Auto Art and Vintage 60's is doing a complete restoration .

Here we have the body mocked up

Fitting the quarter extensions and the trunk lid.

The body work is done and it's in the primer stages now.

We just sprayed the grey / green underbody color . Now time for the body color overspray.

Notice the bare metal in the middle of the tunnel and around some of the brackets and frame rails . Ford didn't cover the bodies very good.

This is a properly restored undercarriage .

The Boss 9 Is ready to paint so the parts are prepped and sealed with a value shade sealer to help the coverage of the color . This car is Grabber Orange.

The Ford restorations are a bit different than others, They want the originality. So we spray them with the factory style orange peel. As you can see in the fender and the hood.

The seam sealer and undercoating is applied before the sealer. Wet sanded smooth and white sealer coat.

Grabber Orange looks awesome.

The 70 Boss has some great body lines .



More coming soon. Check back often!


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