This may help answer some of the questions about the custom painting and restoration work we do. We will help you with any part of your project.
That means just the frame or just the body or any little or big part of the car you want help with. We really like to have the customer involved with their restoration. And if you want a turn-key car, we can do that for you too. No job is too big or small. We work on a by-the-hour rate which is $ 75.00 per hour plus any parts & materials & outside labor.

If you have ever restored a vehicle before you know how difficult it is to
give an estimate for the job. There are so many unseen problems with many cars that it is very hard to pin down a total hour estimate for the job. So we try our best to give a fair and honest estimate of the work that you want done.
We keep in close contact with you along the way with weekly or biweekly updates. Plus plenty of digital pictures emailed to you that show you where the hours are being used.

This is the fairest system to use for the customer and ourselves. It has worked very well over the past 15 years. Complete rolling frames can take up to 200 to 300 hours to restore, (that is completely taking the frame apart sending it out to be blasted and then making all the necessary repairs like welding &straitening,) We use DuPont products to seal, prime, repaint your frame back to better than new condition. Then it is reassembled with new ball joints and bushings plus brake and gas lines from Inline tube.

We do all the work in house except the media blasting. we send that out.
We do the body repairs: cutting, welding, new panels, frame rails, quarter panels, plus all the body work & painting wet sanding & wheeling and total assembly glass & interiors which can really add up the hours depending on how nice your car is to start with. The total job can take up to 1500 plus hours to restore. I hope this will helps.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us.


We're pretty proud of our shop. Cleanliness is key. Click here to have a look around and see what the facility is like.

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